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Nick and Joe’s friend had brought dead people back to life. It never occurred to them this same power would also bring their friend back to life. They buried their friend in Joe’s own burial crypt. It’s doubtful anyone knows the exact order of the events following the burial.

Hundreds saw Nick and Joe’s friend alive and well in the weeks following the execution and burial. Credible sources say their friend gave his followers direction to teach the good news he shared, wherever his spirit sent them. Then he disappeared saying he would come back to set things in order.

Recorded legend says Joe was a well to do merchant of metals and well traveled because of his trade. He was imprisoned for a time because he took responsibility for the burial of his friend. When released from prison, he began to spread the good news through what is now France and Great Britain.

Historical writings share Nicodemus also spread the good news and performed miracles of healing. Because he continued to follow the path of his friend, he was put to death by those opposed to the message, sometime during the first century.

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Nick and Joe worked quietly and quickly to obtain permission from local authorities for burial rights of the executed man they had grown to love and trust. Living during times of political oppression and religious persecution made it difficult to trust any person. In their heart, they knew this executed man to be innocent even though public opinion caused him to be condemned to death.

Being successful and well to do businessmen in their community gave Nick and Joe a certain measure of political clout. This helped them obtain permission to bury the their friend and mentor. Joe generously gave up his own pre-purchased burial crypt to expedite the whole heartrending task. These two men were also part of an elite and educated theological society responsible for the execution of their friend. This prominent society exerted pressure on the common people to follow a legalistic set of rules steeped in tradition. Members of this society often taught such a message but did not follow it with their own lives. Hypocrisy and empty rituals left the commoners without hope. Many experienced poverty, heavy taxes and increasing loss of freedom.

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