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            Today, Tony’s spirit would leave his body. Skin was cold, gray and damp, breathing irregular, consciousness very near to comatose. But for some odd reason, Tony kept slinging his legs off the side of the bed. His furrowed brow reflected discomfort or maybe anxiety even though the prescribed doses of analgesic and anti-anxiety medications were administered with no apparent relief.

I sensed an emotional or spiritual conflict going on in Tony’s subconscious as he experienced the dying process. Could the relentless tossing of legs and anxious facial appearances signify Tony was trying to run from the whole experience?

Having watched countless individuals go through the dying process these past 40 years, I’ve determined we have some choice concerning our state of mind. Quantum physics research has proven we are (including our thoughts) composed of energy. Our thoughts shift the world around us on a particle-by-particle basis to create our physical life.

Tormented fingernails scratching a chalkboard could describe some folks’ last days. Then there are those who quietly slip away, seemingly with no regrets. Tony’s body did die an hour after my arrival. The grimace and pitching legs continued until his last breath.

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