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My mind scrambled to process what my ears were hearing from the 50 something, frail, weakened hospice patient. Lying on his cot in a run-down cramped vacation cottage, (we will call him Ed), Ed spent the better part of my hour-long visit confessing some of the darker deeds of his past life.

During the past month of visits, Ed had become weaker, and soon would need around the clock physical assistance due to metastatic lung cancer. To my delight, I had observed Ed making an effort to spend time with an eight-year-old daughter he barely knew. It was rare to witness a person accepting the reality of impending death and work on the unfinished business of relationships with loved ones.

But now, Ed seemed willing to work on much deeper heart issues and needed to talk about a life spent in anger, rebellion and the often-consequent wrong doing of stinking thinking. His story included addictions, womanizing, grand theft, violence and murder bringing prison time.

Struggling with my cascading emotions of shock, judgment, and compassion, my eyes locked onto a Bible lying on the floor beside his cot. “Thank you Lord”, was my silent prayer. “Now show me how to affirm Your grace and … Read More »