Love and Boundaries

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Marsha agonized over her daughter Julie’s victimization as a child. Julie’s father had abused her verbally all of her growing up years causing her unresolved physical and emotional pain. When they would talk, Julie made sarcastic comments to her mother concerning Marsha’s poor relational choices. Marsha had apologized to Julie for her poor choices and the harm done to her daughter and was ready to move on to a more hopeful future for both of them.Marsha asked herself, “Is Julie’s inability to move on a good reason for me to forfeit my personal peace and well being by allowing these comments to continue?” Marsha knew that if she truly cared about herself in a healthy way, it was time to set a healthy boundary between the two of them. In the next conversation they had Marsha said to Julie, “I love you Julie and I don’t think it would be best for me to hang out with you for right now. This won’t be forever.”In setting this boundary, Marsha feared permanent rejection from Julie but also had the greater hope that God would teach both to look at Him and through Him find true peace, unity and healing.During her … Read More »