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Lilly’s grateful grin reflected joy concerning her 20-year journey ending chronic seizures. She told me the story. “When I was 3, the first seizure occurred during an illness with high fever. I don’t remember that but I do remember being sexually abused at age 7. The second seizure happened shortly after.”

Lilly continued, “My mom and step-dad constantly fought. There was lots of conflict in our home. As a child, I didn’t feel safe and didn’t understand it. I began to experience frequent seizures with the perceived chaos and conflict around me. I was started on anti-seizure meds to stop them. Occasionally, a seizure would breakthrough the meds.”

“How did you get free from all that mess?” I asked. Lilly replied, “During my time at Bible College, I learned traumas in life can cause physical problems. When emotional trauma is healed, the physical problem often goes away.”

“That’s amazing,” I said, “So, how did your heart heal from your childhood experiences?” “I cried out to God,” Lilly responded thoughtfully, “I asked him to show me how and send people who could help. “

After college, I was invited to live with a loving couple sensing my need. They demonstrated God’s design for a healthy … Read More »


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The external metal pins protruding from Rick’s lower leg highlighted the inflamed and infected looking skin surrounding them. While riding his bicycle, he suffered some nasty fractures when colliding with a car. The pins were necessary to save his lower leg. Home health nurses were called in to visit Rick when it became evident his bones were not fusing together, even with the pins holding them in place.

As his nurse case manager, the orders from the physician were to clean/medicate the areas surrounding the pins 2 times a week and instruct Rick how to do the procedure on the days I was not visiting. Another important part of my visit was to assess Rick’s nutritional intake, monitor his prescribed activity restrictions and level of comfort, as well as encourage him to stop smoking.

Bones usually heal when the blood feeding them is healthy. Nourishing blood contains the right nutritional components, as well as oxygen. Protein builds new cells and Rick’s diet was heavy on the side of empty carbohydrates. Smoking cigarettes robbed Rick’s blood of the oxygen necessary to heal his bones. The depression engulfing Rick also hindered his healing and distanced him from loving relationships.

I would like to tell you … Read More »


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“Why would I want to go to church? You Christians are like boring robots,” said my twenty something friend. Due to a romantic relationship gone wrong she phoned for support. My immediate hurt and resentful thought I didn’t say, “Then why are you calling me?”

I got to know Shuana during a 6-hour flight delay. She had just moved out of state to start a new career with no close relationships in the big city of Miami. We both sensed a relational bonding as we got to know one another. Because the flight was late, she missed the commuter train from the airport to her neighborhood. My husband came to meet us around midnight and kindly trusted me when I asked, “Could we take Shuana home?” We dropped Shuana safely in front of her rented room in a ghetto looking neighborhood.

We texted back and forth a few times the following week. She mentioned her dwelling was being tented for termites and she would have to find a place to stay. After consulting my husband, we invited this almost a stranger to spend those few days in our home. She expressed surprised gratefulness and accepted our offer.

Enjoying good visit time during those … Read More »


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My surgical team was professional, efficient and kind as they prepared me for minor surgery 6 weeks ago. The surgeon honored my request for local anesthesia to the surgical site with a bit of IV medication to make me relax and forget the surgical proceedings. Forty minutes later they woke me with the words, “We’re all finished and you can slide onto the gurney to take you to recovery.”

My journey to this surgical suite probably started at birth but at least 15 years earlier when I began to feel a small lump at the nape of my neck. As the years went by, it protruded more when I exerted myself physically or was in a stressful situation. Then  I began experiencing migraine headaches with over-exertion.

Over the years, several physicians told me it was a lipoma, a harmless fatty tumor, and to leave it alone. I perceived the quality of my life was declining. I was spending more time resting, avoiding exertion filled activities and busy schedules.

But an interesting pleasure emerged through those long hours of rest. I became OK with doing a lot of resting, reading, praying and reflecting. Hard work got me lots of kudos as a child. So, … Read More »


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I hear your laughing thoughts, “She’s old and delusional.” No really! Just like “FOMO”, or fear of missing out has become a popular phrase, I think “LU-E” could take care of those fears. What’s “LU-E”? It’s looking up expectantly!

Sort of expectantly I was looking up, as Joel and I painted porch railings on our TN home, knowing we were leaving the next day. We were out of time to finish the project. Not good, when you’ve just put the house up for sale. “Do you notice we could use some help?” was my silent prayer. Well, sure enough, that help showed up the next morning, ready for employment.

On the way home, the GPS showed several accidents causing a significant back up of traffic in downtown Atlanta during rush hour. Rush hour and accidents are not a good time to be driving through any big city. Another silent expectant prayer, “How are you going to help us here? I know you’re bigger than rush hour and accidents.” We speedily sailed through downtown in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane. Grinning we looked at each other and said, “We are better together.”

“LU-E” can be practiced any time, any place by anybody. It … Read More »


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            Corry, fellow Hospice team member and homosexual, asked,  “Would I be welcome at your church.”  I carefully replied, “Our Pastor and church family would welcome and accept you. We’re all sinners in need of forgiveness. It’s God’s responsibility to show the places in my life that need changing. He has and will continue to do that lovingly as I open my heart to Him.” Corry’s unbelieving look was her silent response.

            In the weeks following, I took interest in Corry’s life, sincerely encouraged her and picked up some of her patient visits when she wasn’t feeling well. She experienced frequent upper respiratory congestion sometimes resulting in sinus infections.

            Corry’s immune system wasn’t fully working to protect her from nagging infections. There are many reasons for frequent illness and a struggling immune system. Poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and unnecessary drug use all take a toll on the ability of our body to dispose of unwanted germs and illness. Stress, anxiety, conflict and resentment can also impair immune system function.

            Resentment reared its ugly head in a big way the day I facilitated the bi-weekly Hospice team meeting.  During those lengthy meetings, we discussed recent … Read More »


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We thought the tenants of our newly purchased property were kind, responsible people. So, the rental lease offered them the opportunity to stay 2 months after the holidays. The first month’s rent came right on time. The second month’s rent never came. Brief conversations with the tenants were threatening and the whole mess was turned over to our attorney.

Fear tried to take possession of my every waking thought as I envisioned potential property damage. Anger came next as I considered our kindness met with their unkindness.

I sensed God’s Spirit whispering to my spirit, “I’m here for you. You don’t have to carry this alone. Give this situation to me.”

I tease my husband when I think he’s not listening, “This is supposed to be a conversation. First I talk and then you talk.” I knew God wanted me to honestly pour my hurt, fear and frustration out to Him so I could relieve myself of the burdensome thoughts. Dwelling on negative outcomes usually brings some kind of physical illness.

Intimate conversation between people who love one another often involves sharing of personal thoughts and deep feelings, as well as spiritual concerns. There is no fear of asking deep questions. There is a … Read More »


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You never know what kind of conversation you’ll have when taking your 2-year-old grandchild to the neighborhood park. Meetings like this one remind me, we can discuss differences and still respect one another.

As his 2-year-old son played on the slide with my granddaughter, he freely shared he was from Egypt and his wife from Wisconsin. I grew up in Wisconsin and hadn’t met too many Egyptians, so was curious how they met and how he ended up in the U.S.?

Love for scuba diving, experiencing other cultures and love for each other brought them to the place of 5 plus exciting years together and now, enjoying their precious son.

Interested in his perspective concerning mid-east politics, I asked him if he was Muslim. “Yes,” he smilingly shared but was quick to follow-up with, “but I’m Sunni, not Shiite. The Sunni believe in the Bible, the Koran, Moses and the prophets. The Shiite teaches things that aren’t in the Koran and want to dominate the world.”

I asked him, “Do you read the Bible and what do you believe about Jesus?”  He replied, “Oh yes, I read the Bible and the Koran. We believe Mary was the mother of Jesus but … Read More »


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I’m no longer addicted. For several years I hid the fact so much time was spent resting, meditating and visiting with my best friend and counselor. Thought people might think me strange or worse, lazy.  But freedom from workaholic, striving mode proved to be a gift. This freedom outweighs the need to please others or obey the little voice in my head saying I’ve not accomplished enough.

Having a good work ethic has proven beneficial in my career, family life and community involvement. It’s a character trait I’m grateful was passed on to me. But somewhere in mid-life, I sensed a disorder in my life’s balance. What I witnessed in some who had the same addiction, affirmed my suspicions.

When one doesn’t take the time for restful reflection, meditation and seeking of guidance from Him who is all-powerful and all knowing, humanism tends to kick in. That’s the belief that I need to make things happen or solve human problems through rational thought and hard work. It leaves out divine intervention. The worry and stress surrounding this pattern of living, negatively affects physical and mental health.

Worry and stress hormones, chemical messengers, are not meant to be released over long periods of time. … Read More »


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How do we move on after a horrific election cycle where many are discouraged with the outcome? History of the United States strongly indicates resilience to do right, despite imperfect citizens and intense division.

President Ronald Reagan called for a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary vocal prayer in public schools. In his 1984 address, Reagan invoked Benjamin Franklin’s proposal for prayer at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

When the Constitution was being debated at the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin stated: “The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see that God governs in the affairs of men. Without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.” He asked: “Have we now forgotten this powerful Friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?”

President Lincoln signed the following Resolution on March 30, 1863, two years before the end of the civil war.   “Whereas, the Senate of the United States, devoutly recognizing the Supreme Authority and just Government of Almighty God, in all the affairs of men and of nations, has, by a resolution, requested the President to designate and set apart a day for National prayer and humiliation.”

On D-Day, June 6, … Read More »