Bonnie Young Bio

Bonnie youngBonnie Young has 35 years of nursing and ministry experience.

    • Graduate of Columbia Hospital School of Nursing and Andersonville Bible College
    • Nursing manager hospice and home health
    • Nursing Director Assisted Living
    • Director Bible College Health Services
    • High School health occupations teacher
    • Medical missions participant in Russia, Belarus, Amsterdam and Hurricane Katrina

Throughout her nursing career Bonnie witnessed unnecessary illness and suffering in both Christians and non-Christians. Bonnie received extensive training related to underlying causes of diseases from skilled Christian physicians and pastors. As she applied this specialized training to the care of her own patients, she found remarkable improvement of health to those willing to embrace the teaching and support. Conducting workshops brought the same positive improvements in lives. It is her desire that you also would be set free from fear and disease and would become young in Him for a lifetime of abundant health and peace.

Bonnie is married to her husband Joel and they are blessed with two daughters and grandchildren.