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Each painful step up the stairs and into my home was a reminder of better things to come. My early morning scamper down 4 flights of stairs almost ended in a fall as my foot caught the carpet.  I righted myself and recognized prideful thoughts in my head saying, “You certainly are quite agile for your age.” Considering the backpack on one shoulder and purse on the other, these were foolish thoughts for an almost 65-year-old woman.

Silently I spoke to those foolish thoughts, “Thanks Father God for catching me. I’m sorry for not taking better care of myself. Help me accept safer practices as I age.” I went on to enjoy a busy day of errands and visits, all involving walking many pain free steps.

But sitting in the car for the final 2-hour drive home to Key Largo, I began experiencing painful aching and spasms in my right ankle.  I remembered my morning stumble and began to beat myself up with regret for such foolish behavior. Then I heard the comforting whisper in my spirit, “Love, gratitude, hope can cause you to overcome.” With a changed focus from pain and regret to gratitude and hope, I began thinking about all the … Read More »