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Growing up on a farm, I learned stables are drafty and damp. No matter how diligent the stable hands are; you will always find animal poop and the accompanying flies. The animals’ water isn’t filtered and the animals’ food is tossed in an unwashed trough.

Having spent a lifetime as a nurse, I’ve witnessed the pain and trauma suffered by individuals due to accidents and injuries. Fishhooks, knives and nails were never meant to penetrate one’s flesh. Without anesthesia and a surgical team, these experiences can be painful and messy.

As I ponder this joyful season of celebration, I can’t help but follow the thread of Jesus’ life from baby to man, from the stable to the cross. Logic tells me, “if you want to rescue someone from a bad situation; you better be strong and have the right plan and equipment.”

Yet, Jesus rescued my sin tainted self through a humble birth and humble death because his flesh isn’t sin tainted. So, I guess you could say he has the right equipment. He resurrected from death, so it seems he has supernatural strength. His Father God came up with the plan because he loves us and wants his kids with him always.

The rescue meant his very own Son Jesus suffered humble beginnings, the persecution of a misunderstood message, and an excruciating death. The whole wonderful, horrible story could be considered just that, a story.

They say he visited his friends several times after he came back alive, before he returned to heaven to live with his Father. He told his friends, “I’m sending you my spirit to comfort and guide you. I will not leave you alone. I will always be with you and give you strength, the right equipment and the right plans. If you believe me and follow me, it’s all yours. “

Again, it all seems like a mystical and magical rescue story. But, from my life experience, I’ve experienced his rescue, his strength, his equipment and his plans through his very real presence. I know the world’s logic says it’s a story. But heaven’s logic says, “Your thoughts are not my thoughts. I forgive; I have mercy, compassion and love. My ways are safer and kinder, producing healthy and peaceful individuals, families and communities.”

Have you been rescued? What voices are you listening to this season of celebration?




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