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             At first, my 11-year-old neighbor’s question surprised me. Fun loving Emily is usually carefree about life. “Could I ask you the meaning of a dream I had last night? I woke up scared and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“Of course,” I replied, “I’ll try to help.” Emily continued, “In the dream I saw myself dead with really black eyes, just laying there. Nearby, was a scary creature with arrows looking something like the devil. “

“That dream would have alarmed me also. So why do you think you had the dream?’ I asked. “Maybe the devil was after me. I don’t really know,” Emily thoughtfully replied.

“Emily, do you know there is for real, good and evil, God and the devil?” I asked. “Yes!” She replied assuredly. I went on, “Do you know God loves you and wants you to have a good life filled with his protection? The devil wants to steal and destroy anything good in your life?”

“Yes, I believe those things are true,” Emily replied in agreement. I pressed on, “Do you know the sub-conscious mind is busy at work when we sleep, processing our past experiences. Both God thoughts and devil thoughts can come as we sleep … Read More »


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For weeks following Hurricane Irma, my sinuses were congested and my body dragged with fatigue. The emotional sights of all needing cleanup translated fatigue to my physical body. The removal and mulching of countless trees and brush from our neighborhoods accounted for watering eyes and sneezes.

But one recent early morning found me waking from an encouraging dream. I was riding my motorcycle, (yes, I used to ride one) through the beautiful heavens on up into God’s amazing throne room. Seated on the throne was Jesus, and I stopped my motorcycle right at his feet. He kindly gestured for me to come sit with him awhile.

I sensed he knew all my concerns and challenges. Rest, rejoice and receive were the words filling my consciousness as I sat tranquilly at Jesus feet. The dream ended and I awoke with a kind of knowing peace that said, “As you bring your concerns to me, I will deal with them. Your job is to rest, rejoice and receive from me.”

Those instructions seemed easy enough. Were these easy instructions going to cleanup our beautiful islands, bring much needed affordable housing and a thriving economy? I sense I need to give these huge needs to God … Read More »


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My family reunion was held at a sleazy bar on the south side of Milwaukee. Our families, young and old, quickly filled the reserved lounge area with noisy conversation, snacks and juice boxes. Upon arrival, the children couldn’t resist the four miniature bowling lanes. They picked up miniature balls weighing approximately 2-3 pounds and slung them down the short lanes.

It warmed my heart to see the 2 1/2 year old listen to Grandma’s instruction, pick up the ball with both hands and push it down the middle of the lane. Slowly the ball rolled down the lane, finally striking the middle pin and knocking all the pins down for a strike. High five’s and cheers delighted this little one as she realized her successful throw.

Several of us noticed one of the 10 year olds throwing frequent gutter balls due to poor technique. She received expert counsel from several of the adults but continued to follow what she thought to be the “right way of doing things.” She wasn’t looking for correction or advice. Her stubborn refusal to at least try a better or different way of handling the ball saddened me. At this young age, she was already deceived into … Read More »