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My emotions have seesawed between joy and sadness numerous times today. Hurricane Irma is waving good-bye to Florida this 9/11/17. As she leaves, we’ve spent the day on the phone and Internet learning what Irma took and left behind in Key Largo, FL.

Since darkness comes before the morning light, I will start with what she took. Irma took my son-in-law’s salt-water aquarium fish due to the loss of power. He has had them for years and they all had names.

She also brought flooding in first level structures as well as roof leaks of dwellings belonging to family and friends. Some will be able to do repairs themselves but most will have to find reputable workers to repair quickly before mold and mildew set in. We only had minimal roof damage.

Her 130 mph winds took power, as well as most Internet and phone connections leaving many without communication ability between family and friends. Refrigeration and air-conditioning are being sorely missed with humidity high and temperatures in high 80’s.

Irma left our precious family and friends who chose to stay, intact and well. They are all quite tired but are already moving forward with hope and hard work. Many are tearing out dry wall, putting treasured things back on shelves, and drying out homes.

Irma has left a resolve to love one another in the midst of frustrations and disappointments. Neighbors are helping neighbors, as they are able, with great sense of community and caring.

I’m anxious to return and join in the hard work of restoring and rebuilding. Our county’s emergency operation center will not be letting citizens back into the Florida Keys until they are sure roadways and bridges are safe. Waiting is hard but will attempt to be patient in prayer.

It’s been 25 years since I experienced Hurricane Andrew and the aftermath of rebuilding. I know the sadness will pass as new beauty is coaxed out of the coral rock of our exquisite islands and the hearts of her resilient residents through hard work, prayer and God’s mercy.


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