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At first, I wasn’t sure about him. I didn’t think I could trust him with my feelings, thoughts, fears, and innermost desires. Some said he had lived a rough life with lots of rejection. I’ve had enough rejection in my life without having to deal with someone else’s problems.

Nevertheless, without looking for him, he kept showing up where I was with a welcoming smile, a kind hello and a gentle spirit. I was surprised he took an interest in my life and accepted me just as I was.

My defenses began to weaken and I found myself desiring a relationship with him. We began to spend more time together in the company of other people who knew and loved him. It seemed like a safe way to get to know him.

Eventually, I trusted him enough to be alone with him without distractions. There were things I was learning about him causing me to hunger for more understanding. Those innermost desires I have, he encouraged me to pursue them! He never belittled my feelings.

As I shared my fears of rejection, he showed me his love is unconditional and he treasured our friendship.   A sense of peace and security started to come. When … Read More »