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Lilly’s grateful grin reflected joy concerning her 20-year journey ending chronic seizures. She told me the story. “When I was 3, the first seizure occurred during an illness with high fever. I don’t remember that but I do remember being sexually abused at age 7. The second seizure happened shortly after.”

Lilly continued, “My mom and step-dad constantly fought. There was lots of conflict in our home. As a child, I didn’t feel safe and didn’t understand it. I began to experience frequent seizures with the perceived chaos and conflict around me. I was started on anti-seizure meds to stop them. Occasionally, a seizure would breakthrough the meds.”

“How did you get free from all that mess?” I asked. Lilly replied, “During my time at Bible College, I learned traumas in life can cause physical problems. When emotional trauma is healed, the physical problem often goes away.”

“That’s amazing,” I said, “So, how did your heart heal from your childhood experiences?” “I cried out to God,” Lilly responded thoughtfully, “I asked him to show me how and send people who could help. “

After college, I was invited to live with a loving couple sensing my need. They demonstrated God’s design for a healthy … Read More »


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The external metal pins protruding from Rick’s lower leg highlighted the inflamed and infected looking skin surrounding them. While riding his bicycle, he suffered some nasty fractures when colliding with a car. The pins were necessary to save his lower leg. Home health nurses were called in to visit Rick when it became evident his bones were not fusing together, even with the pins holding them in place.

As his nurse case manager, the orders from the physician were to clean/medicate the areas surrounding the pins 2 times a week and instruct Rick how to do the procedure on the days I was not visiting. Another important part of my visit was to assess Rick’s nutritional intake, monitor his prescribed activity restrictions and level of comfort, as well as encourage him to stop smoking.

Bones usually heal when the blood feeding them is healthy. Nourishing blood contains the right nutritional components, as well as oxygen. Protein builds new cells and Rick’s diet was heavy on the side of empty carbohydrates. Smoking cigarettes robbed Rick’s blood of the oxygen necessary to heal his bones. The depression engulfing Rick also hindered his healing and distanced him from loving relationships.

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“Why would I want to go to church? You Christians are like boring robots,” said my twenty something friend. Due to a romantic relationship gone wrong she phoned for support. My immediate hurt and resentful thought I didn’t say, “Then why are you calling me?”

I got to know Shuana during a 6-hour flight delay. She had just moved out of state to start a new career with no close relationships in the big city of Miami. We both sensed a relational bonding as we got to know one another. Because the flight was late, she missed the commuter train from the airport to her neighborhood. My husband came to meet us around midnight and kindly trusted me when I asked, “Could we take Shuana home?” We dropped Shuana safely in front of her rented room in a ghetto looking neighborhood.

We texted back and forth a few times the following week. She mentioned her dwelling was being tented for termites and she would have to find a place to stay. After consulting my husband, we invited this almost a stranger to spend those few days in our home. She expressed surprised gratefulness and accepted our offer.

Enjoying good visit time during those … Read More »