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My surgical team was professional, efficient and kind as they prepared me for minor surgery 6 weeks ago. The surgeon honored my request for local anesthesia to the surgical site with a bit of IV medication to make me relax and forget the surgical proceedings. Forty minutes later they woke me with the words, “We’re all finished and you can slide onto the gurney to take you to recovery.”

My journey to this surgical suite probably started at birth but at least 15 years earlier when I began to feel a small lump at the nape of my neck. As the years went by, it protruded more when I exerted myself physically or was in a stressful situation. Then  I began experiencing migraine headaches with over-exertion.

Over the years, several physicians told me it was a lipoma, a harmless fatty tumor, and to leave it alone. I perceived the quality of my life was declining. I was spending more time resting, avoiding exertion filled activities and busy schedules.

But an interesting pleasure emerged through those long hours of rest. I became OK with doing a lot of resting, reading, praying and reflecting. Hard work got me lots of kudos as a child. So, … Read More »


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I hear your laughing thoughts, “She’s old and delusional.” No really! Just like “FOMO”, or fear of missing out has become a popular phrase, I think “LU-E” could take care of those fears. What’s “LU-E”? It’s looking up expectantly!

Sort of expectantly I was looking up, as Joel and I painted porch railings on our TN home, knowing we were leaving the next day. We were out of time to finish the project. Not good, when you’ve just put the house up for sale. “Do you notice we could use some help?” was my silent prayer. Well, sure enough, that help showed up the next morning, ready for employment.

On the way home, the GPS showed several accidents causing a significant back up of traffic in downtown Atlanta during rush hour. Rush hour and accidents are not a good time to be driving through any big city. Another silent expectant prayer, “How are you going to help us here? I know you’re bigger than rush hour and accidents.” We speedily sailed through downtown in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane. Grinning we looked at each other and said, “We are better together.”

“LU-E” can be practiced any time, any place by anybody. It … Read More »