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            Corry, fellow Hospice team member and homosexual, asked,  “Would I be welcome at your church.”  I carefully replied, “Our Pastor and church family would welcome and accept you. We’re all sinners in need of forgiveness. It’s God’s responsibility to show the places in my life that need changing. He has and will continue to do that lovingly as I open my heart to Him.” Corry’s unbelieving look was her silent response.

            In the weeks following, I took interest in Corry’s life, sincerely encouraged her and picked up some of her patient visits when she wasn’t feeling well. She experienced frequent upper respiratory congestion sometimes resulting in sinus infections.

            Corry’s immune system wasn’t fully working to protect her from nagging infections. There are many reasons for frequent illness and a struggling immune system. Poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and unnecessary drug use all take a toll on the ability of our body to dispose of unwanted germs and illness. Stress, anxiety, conflict and resentment can also impair immune system function.

            Resentment reared its ugly head in a big way the day I facilitated the bi-weekly Hospice team meeting.  During those lengthy meetings, we discussed recent … Read More »