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We thought the tenants of our newly purchased property were kind, responsible people. So, the rental lease offered them the opportunity to stay 2 months after the holidays. The first month’s rent came right on time. The second month’s rent never came. Brief conversations with the tenants were threatening and the whole mess was turned over to our attorney.

Fear tried to take possession of my every waking thought as I envisioned potential property damage. Anger came next as I considered our kindness met with their unkindness.

I sensed God’s Spirit whispering to my spirit, “I’m here for you. You don’t have to carry this alone. Give this situation to me.”

I tease my husband when I think he’s not listening, “This is supposed to be a conversation. First I talk and then you talk.” I knew God wanted me to honestly pour my hurt, fear and frustration out to Him so I could relieve myself of the burdensome thoughts. Dwelling on negative outcomes usually brings some kind of physical illness.

Intimate conversation between people who love one another often involves sharing of personal thoughts and deep feelings, as well as spiritual concerns. There is no fear of asking deep questions. There is a … Read More »


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You never know what kind of conversation you’ll have when taking your 2-year-old grandchild to the neighborhood park. Meetings like this one remind me, we can discuss differences and still respect one another.

As his 2-year-old son played on the slide with my granddaughter, he freely shared he was from Egypt and his wife from Wisconsin. I grew up in Wisconsin and hadn’t met too many Egyptians, so was curious how they met and how he ended up in the U.S.?

Love for scuba diving, experiencing other cultures and love for each other brought them to the place of 5 plus exciting years together and now, enjoying their precious son.

Interested in his perspective concerning mid-east politics, I asked him if he was Muslim. “Yes,” he smilingly shared but was quick to follow-up with, “but I’m Sunni, not Shiite. The Sunni believe in the Bible, the Koran, Moses and the prophets. The Shiite teaches things that aren’t in the Koran and want to dominate the world.”

I asked him, “Do you read the Bible and what do you believe about Jesus?”  He replied, “Oh yes, I read the Bible and the Koran. We believe Mary was the mother of Jesus but … Read More »