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I’m no longer addicted. For several years I hid the fact so much time was spent resting, meditating and visiting with my best friend and counselor. Thought people might think me strange or worse, lazy.  But freedom from workaholic, striving mode proved to be a gift. This freedom outweighs the need to please others or obey the little voice in my head saying I’ve not accomplished enough.

Having a good work ethic has proven beneficial in my career, family life and community involvement. It’s a character trait I’m grateful was passed on to me. But somewhere in mid-life, I sensed a disorder in my life’s balance. What I witnessed in some who had the same addiction, affirmed my suspicions.

When one doesn’t take the time for restful reflection, meditation and seeking of guidance from Him who is all-powerful and all knowing, humanism tends to kick in. That’s the belief that I need to make things happen or solve human problems through rational thought and hard work. It leaves out divine intervention. The worry and stress surrounding this pattern of living, negatively affects physical and mental health.

Worry and stress hormones, chemical messengers, are not meant to be released over long periods of time. … Read More »