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Rebellion led her down a path with behaviors that left her with guilt, shame, heartbreak and genital herpes. A series of misunderstood circumstances in Kendra’s youth led her to believe she was not loved unconditionally. Kendra’s thought life whispered rejection. This lie led her to relationships that used and abused her instead of the acceptance she was looking for.

I met Kendra in a women’s group learning steps to know love and acceptance. She was serious about receiving all the healing she could get and she knew it had something to do with what she believed in her mind and spirit.

We learned the truths we believe in our spirit, can change the thoughts we think and generate a healthier chemical balance in our body. Kendra knew her weakened immune system allowed the genital herpes virus to be active in her body and she didn’t want to be slave to the virus or the anti-viral medication the rest of her life.

The light bulb of spiritual understanding went on in Kendra’s mind when she learned Jesus had pure and perfect blood from God himself because mother’s blood doesn’t mix with baby’s in utero. Jesus pure, perfectly loving Kendra life and his death paid … Read More »