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The crowd attending the blind woman’s memorial service filled the church and spilled into the foyer. From the foyer entrance, my eyes swept across the mourners. It was interesting to note the mixed culture in attendance; a variety of races, genders, denominations and political persuasions were present.

Following greetings and music, opportunity was given for individuals to express fond remembrances of the blind woman. The heartfelt stories were consistent in remembering her good humor, her sincere love of family, each individual and her God. For close to an hour, many shared how she freely poured into them with truth and encouragement.

For 3 years, I had the privilege of visiting her as hospice nurse. With sadness I watched the progression of the terminal illness, taking her total vision and disfiguring her face. Her sadness never was about her pain, her looks or inconvenience. It was always about her not being the wife, mother and friend she thought she should be.

Her questions were about how to understand God better, how to get closer to Him. Her pain was about people who didn’t seem to be that interested in having a close relationship with God or those who would call her with the same … Read More »


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Mitochondria. Fascination with these energy-producing parts of my cells is increasing as I age. As I’ve observed in ageing patients, my energy levels are decreasing as my age increases. Enjoying research, I spend hours Google searching mitochondrial function and support to insure optimal mitochondrial performance.

I learned as mitochondria convert food into energy, ATP (chemical energy transporter) is produced giving me energy to move, think and grow new healthy cells.

When my mitochondria do not receive the best to perform this process, greater oxidation occurs that causes them to function less efficiently and to give you a picture, begin to become like a rust encrusted machine.

My brain, heart and eyes contain many more mitochondria than some of my other body organs. These essential organs are especially sensitive to poor function and disease when I don’t care for them properly.

What did I learn about proper care? Sugary and white flour based products cause my mitochondria to starve. My mitochondria love exercise, a peaceful spirit, healthy eggs and meat, nuts and deep colored vegetables and fruits. Stress, pesticides, preservatives, many drugs like statins and antibiotics, poison them.

As I pondered this information, I couldn’t help wondering how this affected my mind and spirit. Science has … Read More »