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Flight 1731, boarding in Knoxville, quickly filled with passengers and their belongings. The gentleman in my aisle seat row commented, “Sure would be nice if this seat between us stayed empty.” Not very expectant I said, “By the looks of the crowd, it’s not looking good.” Then I got that hopeful divine nudge and continued, “But I will hope with you.”

Not a minute later, a pleasant lady plopped down between us. We chatted for a moment and then the 3 of us hushed as our attention was diverted to the couple and young child walking down the aisle. The very large man defiantly saying to the woman with him, “What are we doing here? Where are we going? I don’t want to do this?” She quietly urged him on and they seated themselves directly behind us.

With some alarm, the 3 of us looked at one another as the large man continued to complain and press up against our seats.

Again, I got that divine nudge. “Are you spiritual?” I asked the lady beside me. “Yes”, she said. “Are you a Christian?” “Yes”, she replied. I took a deep prayerful breath and asked, “Would you be willing to pray with me that … Read More »


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A broken people picker was somewhat responsible for my traumatic and failed first marriage. But because of this difficult experience, I learned healthier boundaries, and compassion for those suffering unhealthy relationships.

My personal identity became rooted in the knowledge of being a precious daughter of a good and kind Father. The reality of my great worth in Him caused my people picker sensors to become more discriminating. I’m now blessed with a wonderful husband who knows Father’s goodness. We celebrate 17 years of marriage next week.

Assisting the sick and dying was a great part of my life through 40 years of nursing. Many of these years included leadership responsibilities involving hiring, firing and training. All helped to keep vulnerable patients safe and well cared for.

Responsibilities often weighed heavy on my mind and heart, knowing the outcome greatly affected people’s lives. Healthier boundaries, an identity rooted in a good Father who holds all authority (as explained in last blog), and wise direction, brought countless opportunities and greater goodness to lives.

My life experiences with a good Father and with people have been for good, in spite of mistakes along the way. My good Father forgives and corrects as I open my mind and … Read More »