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            Telling your CEO no is usually not a good idea, if you want to keep your job. What would make me resist the authority of a supervisor? As described in the last blog, it had to do with speaking and doing the wise thing.

For years I have said to those drivers who appear to be pulling out in front of me, “Don’t do it.” They can’t hear me but most of the time they don’t pull out in front of me. I have learned that spoken words have an effect, either positive or negative, as I say them with authority and belief in what I’m saying is true.

I’ve realized some of my worst fears when thinking and speaking those fears but I’ve realized some great hopes and dreams because I’ve dared to speak them with authority and walk forward believing they would happen.

Last year I foolishly left my new laptop with briefcase in the waiting area at the airport and didn’t discover my error until hours after I left the airport. Devastated, I cried out to the highest authority I knew and begged for mercy and grace. Sensing reassurance, I began to think and speak with authority the return … Read More »


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Awkward, embarrassed, feeling overly obvious, are the uncomfortable feelings I’ve experienced when standing for something that isn’t what the crowd stands for. As a child, I was taught to keep the peace, agree with and accept others as much as possible.

If I hadn’t gotten to know Wisdom (as explained in last blog), standing alone would have caused unbearable inner conflict. Studying the person of Wisdom in Psalms and Proverbs gave me better understanding of Wisdom’s benefits when applying truth to real life.

Baby steps. Standing on small truths without being obnoxious, helped me to practice being different without too much inner conflict even though conflict was caused with others.

In my 30’s, I was convicted of the importance of eating healthy and exercising. Those were the days of almost no organics available and trans-fats in most everything. I took a fair amount of teasing from family and friends about my odd eating habits. No worry, Wisdom kept reassuring that my better choices would bring good outcomes later in life.

So by my 40’s, I had some successful practice in standing somewhat alone on not so mainstream principles with faith and courage there would be a good outcome. Wisdom then presented a greater challenge … Read More »


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Unique, beautiful and loved, is what the creator says about His created. As I allowed Him to plant this truth deep in my heart, I began to gradually let go of pride and arrogance. It’s not easy to submit to a master unless you know that master loves you unconditionally and has some really beneficial wisdom for you.

            I’m learning truth becomes a part of who I am when it’s practically applied in the process of my life; trial, error, suffering, challenges and my backs up against the wall kind of living.

            It was one of those stifling hot August days and even the palm trees seemed to droop with fatigue and perspiration. Soaked with sweat, I was experiencing one of those throbbing headaches that start at the back of the neck with tightness and then extend as a helmet to the forehead. Most days I prided myself in being able to manage stress with little wasted emotion and plenty of strength to help others.  As a hospice nurse, shouldn’t I be ready with unshakeable physical and emotional assets for patients and caregivers to learn from and lean on?

            Not so today.  As I pulled … Read More »