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Freedom, independence, autonomy. As a home health and hospice nurse, I found these aspects of the job to be an attractive fit to my personality and life-style. The Clinical Director assigned patients to each nurse; then the nurse, patient and caregivers formulated a plan of care. Under physician orders, this plan of care identified team members involved, frequency of visits, treatments performed, teaching done and goals accomplished.

If my personal agenda was to get the job done as quickly as possible, then I would keep the plan of care simple with as few team members and interventions as possible. After all, communication with the patient, caregivers and team members took time. I confess, there were days where that temptation was tugging at my independent and autonomous heart.

Exploring the emotional/spiritual roots of Nelson’s uncontrolled pain would take communication and referral for the social worker and the chaplain. Esther’s non-healing bed sore would definitely take more time educating the caregivers and demonstrating techniques to speed healing as well as a referral for home care aide intervention. An increase of Elmer’s lung congestion and blood pressure would mean a phone call to the physician resulting in change of medication and follow up with patient … Read More »