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In my years of community nursing, I had the privilege of visiting clients in posh gated communities with beautiful sprawling homes and golf courses. In contrast, I also was honored to enjoy clients in falling down homes often lacking in sanitation, safety and comfort. No matter what the environment, I discovered that the treasure was not in the surroundings but in the people themselves.

Each home visit required I carry out a prescribed nursing plan of care. As a young nurse, I was easily intimidated by any hint of rejection by the client. But it didn’t take long to figure out that my nursing agenda was not successfully carried out if I did not validate the client with recognition that they had worth. Wisdom and courage grew as I prayed for guidance. I learned that the most ornery, stoic or denial filled nursing client usually softened when a sincere complement was given concerning their person or things.

A genuine listening ear with an occasional qualifying question could in minutes, allow me to gaze into a small window of a life worth loving. Clues to those character treasures were recognized through a simple interaction the client might have had with a pet, pictures … Read More »