Life and Death Choices

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I still hate death. The last scene of the human growth and development timeline is often diverse. Some folks, in their last weeks, resemble finger nails clawing a chalk board. How does this look in real time? Unresolved relationships with loved ones and God can cause lots of physical, emotional and spiritual pain for which medication and other pain relief methods offer little relief.

More fortunate, are those individuals who have settled their misunderstandings with God and people and are at peace with themselves. I loved getting to know them, their life journey of good and difficult times. The take away for me was often a new perspective on what makes for a successful and fulfilled life. They often were surrounded with visitors and caregivers sharing love through gifts,  touch, words of affirmation and kind acts. As death neared, you would find them increasingly sleeping their way to a peaceful death.

Death doesn’t usually send out a date and time invitation as evidenced by world wide terror attacks. ┬áTerminal illness and threat of traumatic death can strike fear causing loss of joy, depression and hopelessness. But thanks to so many of my brave patients, I am learning to embrace love, particularly God’s … Read More »

Bonnie’s New Season

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Retirement after forty years of a fruitful nursing career is bittersweet. Hospice, community health, geriatrics, medical-surgical and college campus nursing experiences have taught me how to live and die successfully. For that I’m very grateful. Watching how others did or did not care for their physical body, thought life and spiritual condition provided me invaluable truths one cannot truly appreciate from a book.

I’ve made some of the mistakes my clients have and have suffered some of the same consequences thus reinforcing my observations. But I’ve sought solutions over the years, often found them, daring myself to have faith enough to believe I could have a better life if I choose not to go down the same road as the crowd.

Armed with faith, discipline and new truth, I’ve negotiated some physical, mental and spiritual obstacles with success and have helped others do the same. Having more time, it’s my pleasure and privilege to share more fully some of the things I’ve learned through the good, bad and ugly concerning death but more importantly, concerning an abundant life!!!