Identity Crises – Part 1

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Exhausted and delighted describes my arrival home to Key Largo yesterday, after a lovely but action packed visit to TN. My mind was preoccupied with all the homecoming responsibilities as I stopped to shop at the local grocery store.

After paying for my selections, I grabbed the grocery bags out of the cart but neglected to take my wallet out of the cart basket. Silly me, I usually carry the wallet inside my purse and the purse never leaves my shoulder.

Arriving home, I figured it out and panic seized my thoughts. I realized most everything the world uses to identify me was in my wallet.

In TN., together with friends, we shared some of the challenges happening in our lives. In sharing, we saw positive outcomes to challenges were often dependent on how our thoughts, spoken words, and actions reflected the belief of God’s promises to us.

Through the discussion, we struck on the idea the challenge is not really the challenge but how well we know, understand and trust God in the difficulty. Do we really believe a loving personal God cares about details in our lives.

On my way back to the grocery I thought, “OK, what does heaven say I should … Read More »

My Lover, Springtime and Running Away

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I’m filled with conflicting thoughts of despair and hope in the midst of family illness and trauma, uncertain, violent news reports and uncertain future.

Green is sprouting about the tree branches, the red breasted robin and bright blue, bluebird swoops from yard to yard in almost a coordinated dance and the white and pink dogwoods display their springtime dress of blossoms. I’m opening the windows to hear, see and smell these springtime gifts.

As I enjoy these gifts of spring, I’m led to be thankful I can see, smell and hear. My thoughts turn to the One who put these gifts there to enjoy. I remember too that I no longer spend my days feeling guilty or anxious about my mess ups and the mess ups of the world around me. The quality of my thoughts have been changing for the better as well as my DNA.

I’m prompted to turn to the words in Song of Solomon 2:10-13,

My lover said to me,
“Rise up, my darling!
Come away with me, my fair one!
11 Look, the winter is past,
and the rains are over and gone.
12 The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds[a] has come,
and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.
13 The fig … Read More »