Create and Be Free

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I’m blessed to live in these beautiful Florida Keys that provide many opportunities to observe the beauty of nature as well as the creative beauty of man. For such a rural area, many are the cultural offerings of arts and crafts, theater, concert series , and sharing of ideas.

The writing of this blog allows me to release some of those creative thoughts which gives me great pleasure. This process of blogging has taught me much about perseverance in the face of challenges that have included technical difficulties, frustration and complacency.

A precocious 10-year old explained to me, “That if you allow yourself to create the thing of beauty that is in your head, then you will be set free.” Now, I’m not sure what she meant by that. But when I participate in the creation or enjoy that thing of beauty, my mind is free from the more negative influences that are going on in and around me.

So, thanks to all of you who are involved in the creation of beauty that can be enjoyed in this life. And to those of you, who have those visions in your head but can’t quite get past the challenges, don’t give up. Your … Read More »

Womens Retreat

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Starts February 27th