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Completely unaware, five manatees posed for pictures as I found them sleeping, lined up like matchsticks, in the boat basin this past week. These large, gentle, vulnerable creatures appeared to rest without any sense of danger around them. Two weeks ago I experienced the birth of my grand-daughter Grace. All familiar with the events surrounding her conception and complications of pregnancy would agree; the birth of this beautiful child was miraculous. What do these two current events have to do with each other? I found one of the meanings of grace is “Unmerited divine assistance given to man.” One of the biblical meanings of the number five is “grace”. I believe that in the midst of the daily world news that has included terrorism, racism and religious persecution; there is another voice trying to get my attention. This voice says, “I love you and want you to know my love better. Come rest with me, without fear.” Well, God got my attention with those five sleeping manatees and beautiful baby Grace. I’m so tempted to go to that place of fear with all the news but then I reflect on these experiences and know that the person of God and … Read More »