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GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – WHAT’S A CITIZEN TO DO? Reasons for anxiety seem to increase almost daily according to the newspaper and the evening news. Many world governments, including the United States, are at a critical level of indebtedness and financial instability with no quick solutions as politicians decline wise collaboration. Often a sense of powerlessness and frustration seems to come as a gripping fog of paralysis on the human spirit. All those negative thoughts can give way to the release of chemical endorphins within the body that cause inflammation of cells that can cause cancer, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. So, how can this domino effect of bad news, anxiety, inflammation and disease be prevented? The solution for the problems in this natural world can be found only in the supernatural. No human being is capable of unraveling the current national and world conflicts that greet us daily. The answer can be found in a simple prayer most of us know, whether we believe in prayer or not. “Our loving Father who lives in heaven, … Read More »