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I awoke with a start from a troubled dream filled night, concerning unresolved issues in life. A flash of lightening followed by the low rumble of thunder filled the bedroom. Wide awake now, I made my way to the window overlooking the outdoors and the water. The sky was filled with grays, dark blues and a yellow hue cast on the threatening clouds that were not yet shedding their moisture. “Unusual sky,” I thought as I proceeded outside to take a better look. Then, “What’s that noise?” I mumbled to myself. The delightful swish of the tarpon rolling was a sound I was familiar with, as well as the almost soundless surfacing of the gentle manatee. The noise sounded like gasps for air from someone drowning. I hurried to the dock paralleling the canal. It was a marvelous sight! Three dolphins were chasing a school of mullet not more than 20 feet from me. Their laughing and smiling faces surfaced for air and then went back down to merrily catch their morning breakfast. How carefree and happy they looked … Read More »