Unexpected Gift Exchange!!

Posted on December 15th, by Bonnie in Blog. No Comments

The holiday parties are great to connect with acquaintances not seen in a long time. The decorations and fancy dress are a fun break from the usual routine and scrumptious treats are a delight to the tongue. The joy and surprise of an unexpected gift, warms my heart. But what to do with the fatiguing schedules, family illness and stress, and how about that elementary school shooting less than 2 weeks before Christmas? I sat on my bed this morning and thanked Jesus for all the good but shared with Him all that overwhelmed me. Closing my eyes, I pondered it all. Then I sensed Him saying, “Take My hand and come sit with me in the garden. Give me your heaviness and I will give you My joy, peace and laughter.” Silently I answered back, “Please take my fatigue, grief and uncertainty for the future and I will gladly take your gift of joy, peace and laughter.” Unexplainably, the exhcange occurred. My mood lightened, a sense of peace and hope began to swirl in my spirit, … Read More »