Execution and Rescue

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The Semitic born man stumbled down the street driven on by his executioners. His beaten and bleeding flesh left a trail of fresh blood that was greedily licked up by the neighborhood dogs. The watching crowd for the most part, cheered on the executioners. Many of the onlookers had been followers of this innocent man’s agenda just weeks before. Several of the women along the crowded street could be heard tearfully wailing with grief. “Aww shut-up with your carrying on””, said a scornful man to the women, “He brought this on himself with all of his high and mighty speeches about love and forgiveness.” As the weak and bleeding man passed by, he spoke with amazing strength in his voice and compassion in his eyes as he turned to them, “Ladies, don’t cry for me. Cry for yourselves and your children. There is a time coming where you will wish you didn’t have children as the executioners turn on you. You’ll wish there was someplace to run and hide from the dangers surrounding you.” When the destination for execution was reached, the tough uncaring guards stripped the innocent man of his finely tailored … Read More »