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Free to live without being chained to the law. Submitted servant to Christ. What does that look like in real life? Taking time to know Him through His Words, spoken and written. The plagueing chains of judgement drop off as I incorporate His Words of truth and love into every cell of my body and thought of my spirit. He saved my life, took me in when I was beaten down with fear, anxious about the future, ashamed of my past and rejected by people; feeling powerless and alone. Fatigue from the cares of the world made one more spoken word and one more step feel impossible. You took me in and continue to take me deeper, breathing life and strength into me. You lift my head above the shame, unburden my neck and shoulders of guilt, and allow me to dash away on a swift horse of freedom. My table is spread with delicious food and drink, by purse has just enough to be generous and free from debt. My tired joints and muscles are massaged with the knowledge of your peace giving me grace to age in beauty … Read More »