Thanks for Suffering?

Posted on November 24th, by Bonnie in Blog. No Comments

Recent attendance of continuing education offering by Dr. Nick Hall brought to light some interesting food for thought. The lecture focused on mental health and brain function. The part that really got my attention was how the brain is built to positively manage trauma, stress and suffering if one chooses to employ the following disciplines. 1. Maintain a sense that I have some control of the situation troubling me.2. Have the ability to predict the outcome of the current stress.3. Develop a realistic optimism that the current trauma will be an eventual benefit. As a Christ follower, I have learned the hard way that I really have no control over any situation, but He has all the control and power to work all things for my good when I ask and wait on His resolution. His control is enough for me. Believing the promises in His Word when I am stressed out due to negative circumstances, have given me a rock of predictability for positive outcomes. I may not know what it will look like but I do know He has my back. Realistic optimism has taught me … Read More »