What if??

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Thank you Mountain Press, for the front page photo of Dema the tiger and Nia the baby orangutan. In the photo, they are almost nose-to-nose with peaceful intent, peering into one another’s eyes. The caption notes that they are inseparable playmates and this behavior would not happen in the wild. The tiger would be a predator of the orangutan and the orangutan would be fearful of the tiger. However, they both suffered abandonment and in their emotional need are finding comfort and joy in a new paradigm.Do you suppose there is a deeper message here for humans? What human being has not suffered abandonment or rejection directly from someone or from past generations in the course of living? The human response is to put up walls, collect old baggage and develop prejudices against others. Withdrawal, anger, self-pity, self-hatred and other negative emotions might be collected into our luggage of life.Perhaps a better way is demonstrated by these two beautiful creatures. Maybe willingness to accept differences and work together with respect for one another is helpful to move past the negative. These two animals appear to have moved on.The picture and story seem to indicate that they have … Read More »