Broken Body, Broken Heart? Dig Deeper

Posted on September 24th, by Bonnie in Blog. No Comments

Nancy could no longer ignore the pounding headaches and wooden like feeling in her feet when she got out of bed in the morning. “What’s up with this body malfunction?” she wondered with growing concern. Anyone who really knew Nancy would tell you she ate healthy, exercised, and worked hard to keep her life balanced and free of stress. Searching out her symptoms on the Web narrowed down her suspicions that something was awry in her nervous system. Reviewing the health histories of her grandparents turned up 3 of them who had Alzheimer’s, a disease of the nervous system. And then there was that research article that highlighted not enough B complex vitamins can cause too much homo cysteine in the brain leading to Alzheimer’s. A consultation with her physician confirmed some absorption problems in her digestive system as well as vitamin B deficiencies. By admitting she had a problem, praying for guidance, seeking help and digging deeper; Nancy got her diagnosis and solution to bring her physical body back into order. Through other broken body and broken heart experiences, Nancy had learned to dig deep to learn God’s Wisdom for healing answers. She had learned the prescription that had … Read More »