The Intimate Penny

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Andy stepped out the door into the first light of the rain sodden day to take his morning jog. The I-Phone earplugs were pumping powerful strains of music scores into his ears like “Transformers”, “Gladiators”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Most days these tunes energized him as he ran and reminded him of the loving and powerful presence he hoped that day from His loving Father God. Today he was especially burdened by thoughts such as, “Will I succeed at work today?”, “Will my brother overcome the cancer?”, “Will those party animals in the apartment beside me ever stop?” His mood and hope matched the weather. Suddenly, he was thinking about the penny game he played. When Andy would find a penny on the ground, he would read the words, “In God We Trust”, etched on the penny. He had grown to believe these findings were personal reminders to him that Father God was providing for him and protecting him and his concerns. Andy longed for “man to man” talks that he was not able to have with his busy earthly father. Today especially, he was … Read More »