Life is Hard but——

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It’s all swirling about them. Relationships strained to the breaking as financial burdens increase. Random attacks on police, politicians and the public bringing grief and suspicion of what each day might bring. The endless snow, ice and cold seem to reinforce there is little hope left to warm their hearts.Joe and Mary’s relationship had successfully survived many problems but the present pressures are pushing them wide apart. Why was this happening? They remembered a happier time with less bad news, less to anticipate with fear, and more of life they felt they could control to their benefit.Through their combined strength, talents, attractiveness, charm and manipulation, they had made many of their dreams come true. Suddenly the window of opportunity seems to be cracking and ready to shatter???? What is there to rely on?? What is to be their hope??“Don’t let the wise brag of their wisdom. Don’t let heroes brag of their exploits. Don’t let the rich brag of their riches. If you brag, brag of this and this only; that you understand and know me. I’m God, and I act in loyal love. I do what’s right and set things right and fair, and delight in … Read More »