Best Advice for 2011

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Jesus is the greatest key to a healthy and happy spirit life we will ever have. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, study the person of Jesus and be amazed. He has good news if your are poor, healing for you if your heart is broken, freedom if you are stuck in unhealthyrelationships, pardon if you have messed up, unconditional ongoing love if you perform for love, a way to escape if you are not safe, and solutions for the most difficult problems.Jesus hates oppression and loves fair dealing. His promises to you are true and trustworthy. He simply asks that you would seek Him above all else and He rewards those who diligently seek Him and follow His ways, not a religion.Get with people who are also seeking to know Him and His ways. People with whom you can share honestly and confidentially. People who are not trying to fix you but are pointing you to Him for your solutions. Wishing you a Happy and Peace filled New Year

What to do With the What Ifs?

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She is 90 and filled with life, love, her pet dog, gardening and independence. Then a traumatic stroke suddenly robs her of life and there is no time for good-byes and good wishes. Those who love her start with the, “What if I had done this,or that or the other? Maybe the outcome would have been different. Maybe she would still be with us.” Along with those thoughts and words come the debilitating guilt, shame and blame. What to do with those very real feelings? One choice is to live with those weighty feelings of guilt, shame and blame that tend to cause insecurity, confusion and depression. The other choice is to acknowledge the trauma, the very real feelings, to self, one another and to God. Instead of hiding the recriminations that are going on inside, honestly and openly share the struggle going on within without fear of punishment. The next step is to forgive this lost loved one, self and all the others that possibly could carry some blame for this loss of a precious life. Tell it all to Jesus. He traded His life and … Read More »