Satisfied And Secure?

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The crystal clear aquamarine waters rolled onto the sandy beaches, crashing onto the shoreline rocks that littered the shore. The beach walker soon learned she could choose how she was going to experience smelling the salt air, feasting her eyes on the vivid colors before her, hearing the rhythmic action of the waters and feeling the different textures beneath her feet.Walking the dry sand was faster and seemed freer of dangers that could cause discomfort or injury. Then her foot sunk down into the sand and made contact with the sharp edge of a jagged rock that was buried and unseen. Ouch, that happened several more times before the faster way no longer seemed the best way.She turned her steps to the shoreline of crashing waves on tightly littered rocks. If she was patient, she was able to identify which rocks were worn smooth, free of algae and solidly anchored into the sand. This meant waiting for each wave to recede back into the ocean before deciding where to step next. The going was slower, required more patience, more concentration on the path that was being taken. “I love you, God – you make me … Read More »

“Plug in Your Name” and Come Out!!

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“Let me tell you what happened to me at work today. It was so wrong.” “If I share the trouble I am going through honestly, I will be looked down on and judged.” “I am living in such horrible circumstances but I am too afraid to leave.” “That habit is my secret and it is what keeps me going. Right or wrong I won’t stop!” “I will never forgive the hurt and pain caused me.” “Life seems like an endless circle of exhaustion to me.”If these are frequent thoughts you think or words you speak, then you might be living in a grave of sorts already. There is a way to get out of this grave and be free to know true peace and hope for right now!! Freedom from illness and habits that hurt and slow you down.The story of the resurrection of Lazarus is told in John 11 and there are promises in this story that are for you today. Lazarus was not a perfect man but Jesus enjoyed his company. Lazarus got sick and eventually died just the same as most mortal beings. The stories in the Bible are meant for us to plug our names into, … Read More »