Healthy Relationships Necessary for Healthy Life

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Recent research done at Brigham Young University regarding relationships was released this week highlighting the importance of social connections with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. If one chooses to have active social interaction, odds of survival could be improved by 50%. Here is how low social interaction compares to more well known risk factors:

-Equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per a day

-Equivalent to being an alcoholic

-More harmful than not exercising

-Twice as harmful as obesity

We all have an enemy that is continually trying to seperate us from one another, ourselves and God through resentment and offense caused by many reasons. This enemy is from the kingdom of darkness and wants to steal, kill and destroy what is good. But thanks to God, we can have a healthy abundant, peaceful life as we pursue Him and His truth for our lives.

Memories and Healing

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Many of us avoid memories of hurtful people and hurtful cirmcumstances from our childhood and even adulthood. In fact, walls are sometimes built in our brains that keep us from accessing these memories to protect us from the pain.The amazing truth is that if we face these memories in the loving presence of Jesus, they are healed and I become more alive and more free than before. The past no longer becomes a roadblock for healthy relationships and life, but a roadway of bricks that represent a life of greater beauty and success.This imperfect life of mine becomes an avenue of healing for others as I share the victory that comes when I courageously examine painful memories and let Jesus heal them and use them for good.